Lisa Michelle is an award-winning author, screenwriter, and filmmaker. The former rodeo cowgirl and mother of two, makes her home in the Sierra Nevada. Her mostly true fiction brings meaning from the struggles of life that will leave readers somewhere between laughing and crying and at times both. Michelle writes from experience about the people and places she knows best, giving her characters an undeniable authenticity.
Calaveras, by Lisa MichelleCalaveras: A Thrilling Suspense Novel – Deep in the backwoods of Calaveras County accidents happen. For gritty rancher and soon-to-be grandmother Kate Dunnigan, these deaths are mostly good old cowboy justice—until the day that justice hits home. Kate’s idyllic façade is destroyed when Emma Lee, her pregnant daughter, is wanted for murder. On the run and fighting to survive, Emma Lee is haunted by filthy family secrets, but Kate will stop at nothing to save her from life in prison, even if it means using herself as bait.

Mountain Misery by Lisa MichelleMountain Misery: Calaveras Love StoriesMountain Misery is a collection of rural stories that remind us that love is a motley collection of emotion. Often twisted and tangled. Set deep in the backwoods of Calaveras County on the verge of the Sierra Nevada, these stories offer an intimate and authentic look at those who exist in the darkness of failure but courageously continue to seek the light of possibility.
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