Lisa has been a copywriter and journalist for years now. But she recently added a new fiction product to her line-up. It’s new and improved!

She is the author of family-centered fiction including novel Black Cat Walks in the Moonlight (2021) which is in workshop with the Tahoe Writers Works, and short-stories Infinity Necklace (2020) and A Christmas Guest (2020) because relationships are all we have, and they are the hardest things to get right.

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Favorite Character Quote

“You know a trillion times more about art than me. But I’ve learned that it isn’t necessary to know all that much. You just make what you wanna see, right?”

Boomer Petway in Skinny Legs & All, by Tom Robbins

Work in Progress by Lisa Kirkman

Black Cat Walks in the Moonlight

Set in the mountains overlooking Lake Tahoe, a black cat from a nice family finds a full moon and an open door, and walks through. Their adopted cat had been a mystery to them, but her family’s lives are deeply impacted by their old losses while looking for her in the  threatening, mountainous terrain.

Within one full moon cycle, the family is no longer where she left them, and none of them can ever go home again. 

But it’s not really about the cat.

Infinity Necklace

A short story about how we give the advice we need to hear ourselves, but sometimes in the wrong order. 

A mother befriends her daughter’s classmate, only to recognize she has a deeper connection with the girl. 

In submissions.

A Christmas Guest

A warm little story about coming in from the cold and being accepted just as you are.

With a touch of Christmas whimsy, this story warms the hearts of kids and adults. 

Written as a Christmas gift to the members of the Tahoe Writers Works in 2020.